My Philosophy on Health:

We are all born to be healthy. Granted there can be genetic deficiencies that are experienced at birth, but for the majority of us...that is not the case. We can be born with genetic predispositions for certain illnesses however, current science (epigenetics)is proving that lifestyle choices  outweigh or can override the possiblity of that particular illness coming to fruition. 

That's great news! It means nothing is predetermined or set in stone. However, it is up to the individual to make the proper choices along the way to ensure a healthy vibrant life. These choices would  include: What you put in your body, how you move your body and the thoughts and attitudes that you have.



How the Nervous System Works:

As a Chiropractor I know that we live our lives through our nervous system...What the heck does that mean?

The nervous system controls absolutely every single function that occurs in the body! The spine is the structure that supports and protects this vital, precious part of the body. Chiropractors have known for years that when this structure,the vertebra, become misaligned (subluxated) it disrupts the proper nerve flow. This disruption can have serious effects with how the body can function. Even if you eat right, excercise and have a great mental attitude....a subluxation can rob you of good health....

Getting your spine and nervous system checked and then corrected is part of the sloution to living a long healthy life!


What you can expect on your first visit:


  • HRV or Pulse Wave Profiler: is preformed to help determine your overall ability to adapt to the environment. It does this by looking at the timing of your pulse, and determining the balance and tone of your nervous system. The exam is known as Heart Rate Variabilty. Proper balance and tone are associated with better adaptability and a healthy lifestyle. Low heart rate variability is associated with aging and poor health. Published research has shown that chiropractic adjstements have a beneficial effect on heart rate variability.
  • Surface EMG: This test measures the activity of the muscles alongside the spine, showing areas of chronic or acute muscle spasm.
  • Thermography: Temperature has been used for thousands of years to localize areas of inflammation....the leading cause of all disease. In this case it is used to localize areas of spinal misalignment or Subluxations of the vertebra.
  • Xrays: I refer out to Whitney Imaging for  full spinal xrays on every patient unless you are an infant or pregnant. It is important for me to see how your spine has adapted to the stresses placed on it by life. Your spine is affected by seemingly "small" trauma and we can see it on xray. The gonstead system also utilizes a method of measurement on Xray so I can see exactly how misaligned your vertabra are and know exactly how I need to move it back to center.

After your first visit, I want to spend some time studying the results of your consultation, assessment and scans. When you come back for your second visit we will sit down with you and go over these results and carefully lay out our recommendations. 

Our intent with the second visit is to provide you with all the information you could possibly need to make a well-educated and informed decision for your health. At the conclusion of this visit you will be given the opportunity to receive your first adjustment.

 Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness